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Fourth petition in a fortnight – this time Dr M’s nomination for Nobel Peace Prize

PETALING JAYA: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has become the subject of an online petition lobbying for the Prime Minister to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize this year.

A petition, comparing Dr Mahathir to anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela, was launched on Saturday (May 26) and has since received over 26,300 signatures.

Started by Alexandria Abishegam, the petition which was addressed to the Nobel Foundation, wants Dr Mahathir to be nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his determination to return to politics at age 92 and casting aside his political prejudices to work with his former detractors for the purpose of “saving our nation”.

“The fact that Tun Dr Mahathir has also openly admitted his own faults and apologised for his mistakes of the past makes him truly a ‘Giant of a Man’ and a leader to emulate,” the petition read.

Empowered by their democratic right that saw the nation’s first transfer of power since gaining independence from the British in 1957, Malaysians have been taking to petitions to voice their thoughts on the new Government.

This is the fourth petition that has been launched since Pakatan formed the Government on May 10.

The first petition was launched on May 19 in response to dissatisfaction over the appointment of the new Education Minister.

One petition called for Dr Mahathir to retain his decision to helm the Education portfolio despite criticisms of him violating a clause in the Pakatan manifesto stating that the Prime Minister would not hold ministerial positions.

At the same time, a second petition was launched in support of Dr Maszlee Malik as the Education Minister.

On Monday (May 21), a third petition was launched asking for Home Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to ban controversial preacher Zakir Naik from Malaysia. – TheStar